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Working facing the wall is the most comfortable position for making bobbin Lace on a Maltese pillow.

And Visiting old friends now living in Australia

Sharing Gozo and Norwegian skills.



Maltese students at workshop learning Patchwork from Kimiko

Patchwork worked by Kimiko while in Gozo on her lace course.


Progress on her second course

Happy to have mastered it

Three lace enthusiasts, Ulrike from Austria, Mary Rose from Malta, and Nicole from Gozo, attended a 10-day course in Maltese lace at l-Ixtabi.

While learning the basics of our traditional lace, the students showed their appreciation of old lace by viewing actual lace from the 19th century which was brought on site for restoration and conservation.

Cultural visit to San Lawrenz parish church in preparation for festa on 10th August 2015


Admiring old Maltese lace

Lace Courses at L-Ixtabi Casa Bottega during Summer 2015
Meander Courses

In July, 2 groups organised themselves for a course studying the Meander technique in Maltese Lace.

Children’s Course during Summer 2015

The Children's Course was held between 30th June and 10th July 2015.

Beginners' Course in Maltese Lace for Adults

This course is taking place between 27th July and 7th August, 2015.

Lace Course Resources

Beginner’s Pack:

Consisting of:

  • Pillow
  • 2 boxes of pins
  • 20 bobbins
  • Thread
  • Covering Cloth

Price: €60

Lace-making items, including books, pillows, bobbins, thread, pin cushions, etc will be available for sale as well.


Courses will be held at L-Ixtabi Casa Bottega for Lace Making - a traditional Gozitan farmhouse located on the way to the village of Gharb in Western Gozo.  Participants will have the opportunity to feel the calm Gozitan atmosphere and experience for themselves the lifestyle of the old lace makers when the craft was at its peak.  Public transport from Victoria is available every half hour.

Other courses will be organised throughout the year upon request.

How to Apply:

Persons interested in joining any one of these courses, please contact Consiglia Azzopardi on casabottega@malteselace.com or (+356) 79270064.

The Beginner's Course at l-IXTABI
Debra returned from New York in June and immediately started the Beginner's Course at l-Ixtabi, Gharb, Gozo.  
She started from learning to wind bobbins, and within 3 weeks she completed her 12 lessons, having 4 morning sessions of 3 hrs each per week.
Being quite talented at handwork she managed to finish the doiley she proudly holds in her hands, as her first lace project.
Starting to learn how to make Maltese lace.  This is the result after 10 lessons at l-Ixtabi Lace House, which can happen in 2 weeks time.

Individual Tuition
Very interesting was the ''Individual Course'' held in Sept 2014, when an interpreter was employed to help the non-English speaking pupil.   
Visitors watching students
Occasionally school children and foreign students studying in Malta come to see us.  Hope there will be many children interested in the art of traditional lace making.

Groups from schools on educational tours are very welcome!

In late September 2014, two groups of lace makers from Norway spent a week holiday in Gozo where they experienced working bobbin by the Gozo traditional method.

It was not only lace-making, but there was time to go round sight-seeing the quiet country-side places not normally explored by tourists, and to have a nice swim everyday in one of the calm beaches after the lace class.     

Courses at the University Gozo Campus
The University Gozo Campus offers 2 courses -- Certificate in Lace Making and Diploma in Lace Making.  Lectures are generally held at the University Gozo Campus in Xewkija, Gozo on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Courses start every October provided that there is sufficient demand.

Lace Shoe for Christmas
When in Sydney, Australia in July 2014, a lace teacher Dulcie gave me a pattern of a 'baby bonnet and shoes' which she had got from Josephine Caruana from Ghasri; Caruana had emigrated some 50 years ago and dedicated her time to teach Gozo lace in Sydney on patterns she had carried away from Gozo.

The Shoe was adapted as crib to hold Baby Jesus.
Graduation of Diploma Students on 30th November 2012

CERTIFICATE COURSE - Second Year, March 2014
Summer Courses for Children
Lace courses for children (age 9 upwards) take place during the Summer holidays.  Children can return every Summer to build upon the skills acquired during the previous Summer.

For more information about lace courses, you are kindly asked to contact courses@malteselace.com.
The Advance Lace Class at Lace Making Programme, University Gozo Campus, meets on Tuesday mornings during the scholastic year.

Black Silk Stole in process.  Note the inclusion of the traditional Maltese Cross.

Table Centres worked in beige linen

What a challenge!  Some old lace linen from the 19th cent.  The deep creamy colour can tell its age.

Lace class, Lace Making Programm, University Gozo Campus
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