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Lace History
Lace Guild
Christening Dress: Age 3 - 6 months
University Certificate Course students admiring a Christening Dress worked in ''Festuni'' Style
Alba Denise - Kmiem
Lace Sleeves for Alb
Lacemaker: Gracie Curmi
Alb Lace for Denise

Multi-coloured Shawl

Genuine hand-made Maltese lace may be bought on order from Consiglia Azzopardi herself or through the Koperattiva Ghawdxija ghall-Bizzilla u Artigjanat.  The photos below show displays of hand-made Maltese Lace in different events.

The stand for Maltese Lace at the Malta Trade Fair that was held in July 2012.

View of the Maltese Lace stand at the OIDFA International Lace Congress in 2012.

A lace display at the Annual Lace Day organised by the Koperattiva Ghawdxija ghall-Bizzilla u Artigjanat held in April 2012 at the University Gozo Campus

Display of church laces worked by the Koperattiva members.

Tablecloth made to order.

Shawl Margerita - front view of a ladies' stole about 40 x 150cm made to order.  This stole took about 5 months to be completed.

Back view of the above ladies' stole.  Propective customers should allow at least 6 months for delivery of similar orders.
Lace Jacket
This elegant Lace Jacket is suitable for evening wear.  The main Floral design on "tal-Balla Ground" was inspired from a 19th Century Maltese lace collar.

Work duration: 10 months (tailor-made for XXL Size)   
Cape Collar in two colours
The pattern for this Cape Collar was issued on Gozo Lace Day 2012.

Work Duration: 8 months
Lace on Wedding Veil

Orders for Christmas-Themed Lace
Any interested customers can order the lace dress for Baby Jesus as shown in the photos below.  Delivery time is approximately 8 weeks from order.

Triangular Shawl
Black Silk Triangular Shawl worked in strip sections.  
  • Mesurements:- height = 100cm, length = 180cm
  • Time for manufacture:- 8 weeks

  • Detail of design.
    Note the motif of Maltese Cross at the corner

    The above silk stole, worked on an adapted design from late 19th Century, measures 196cm x 30cm.  The emblems of the Cat and of Gozo were included on demand.  Production took 8 months, and was executed by a skilled lace maker in Gozo.  

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