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Pat Holtom
On the last days of August 2016 we mourned the loss of a great friend artist who had been living in Gharb, Gozo, for the past 35 years.  She was a lover of design on textiles and during her life on the smaller island of Malta she experimented with various materials by means of spinning, dying and weaving.  She was fond of picturesque landscapes and natural flowers, a characteristic which was very much reflected in her artifacts.
Visit by Sannat Adult Lace Class
A group of students from Sannat Adult Lace Class, led by their teacher Ms. Frances Buttigieg, visited the private Lace Collection at l-IXTABI in February 2016
Gozo Lace Day 2015
Lace Day - University Gozo Campus
Attendance was very satisfactory even though Lace Day this year was quite earlier than usual.
Special attractions were the Silk Rose and the Lace Shoe finished by the Advance Level Certificate students at Lace Making Programme
Visit by MCAST students
Students and Teachers alike were very interested to see real old Maltese lace at l-Ixtabi Lace Collection.

Some Hand-Made Lace Items

Visit by Primary School Children

Gozo Lace Day 2014
Gozo Lace Day 2014 took place on Sunday 27th April 2014 between 9am and 4pm at the University, Gozo Campus.

Pattern attraction was a design for Shawl as seen on the poster below.

The presentation of this shawl can be downloaded as pdf below.

Shawl2014.pdf Presentation for the Shawl presented during the Gozo Lace Day 2014.

Spanish Group visit L-Ixtabi Lace House -- February 2014


Gozo Lace Day 2013
The Gozo Lace Day 2013 was held on Sunday 21st April 2013 between 9am and 4 pm at the University Gozo Campus, Mgarr Road, Xewkija.

MALTESE_FAN.ppt Presentation of Maltese Fan on Lace Day 2013

Lace Fan reproduced by Jacqueline Muliett


The pattern of the above Cape Collar was issued on Lace Day 2012.  It was worked by Paul Giordmania, ex-student from Lacemaking Programm, in a record time of 3 months.  Great skill is shown in craftsmanship by the introduction of the black silk highlighting the floral design.
Note that the huge silk tablecloth shown in picture above is also a product of Paul Giordmania from the previous Lace Day.

Talk on Lace Day by Amadeo Mifsud, First-Year Student

A new set of lace patterns are issued every year on Lace Day.  These are available for sale from 'Koperattiva tal-Bizzilla' all year round.  Collection includes pattern for the Maltese Fan (2013), Cape Collar (2012), Umbrella / Round Table-Cloth (2011), and others going back as far as 1999.  To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Lace Day, in 2010, patterns published were compiled and edited in a booklet on special paper which resist washing.

Further information from Tel 21553299, 79270064     
Prime Minister Gonzi visits Lace Making Programme at UGC
On Saturday 23rd February 2013, the Onor Prime Minister Gonzi and his wife Kate Gonzi together with Onor Ministers Giovanna Debono, Chris Said and Fredrick Azzopardi visited the lace class at University Gozo Campus.  They were all very interested in the system by which old lace designs are being redrawn and catalogized.

The Certificate Course in their First Year is made up of 6 students - 4 ladies and 2 gentlemen, one of whom is Architect A. Mifsud who is helping with the design-drawing.


It has been a strong tradition in Gozo that the Statue of Baby Jesus dressed in lace decorates the windows and the main entrance hall of houses during Christmas time.

Tabernacle Curtain in Lace
During Christmas time, in the parish church of Sannat, there was displayed a tabernacle curtain in lace.  It is an exceptional lace item rarely seen nowadays in our churches.  The item was worked 15 years ago following a pattern from Dun Giuseppe Diacono's (1847 - 1924) collection of bobbin lace patterns.  It bears the symbol of the Sacred Heart embedded in the tal-Balla ground stitch which is very traditional for the Maltese Lace technique.  
Gozo Lace Day
A day dedicated to lace held at the University Gozo Campus in Xewkija where lace makers from around Malta and Gozo congregate to work lace together, discuss lace and hear lectures about lace making and related subjects.

This event is also attended by other craftsmen, such as bobbin makers and merchants selling lace-related material (thread, pins, etc).

Malta Lace and Crafts Day
An annual event organised by the Lace Guild in Malta which is  dedicated to lace making and related crafts.
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